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Model Paper-II Class X E/M By Raghuram

Model Paper       Class X E/M
Third Language                                          ENGLISH                                         Paper-II
Time: 2 ½ Hours                                                                                                     Max. Marks :50
(1-5) Read the passage and answer the following questions. Write the answers in your answer book.
(5 X1=5)
                “You will remember that I examined the paper on which the printed words had been stuck. In doing so, I got a faint smell of jasmine. The perfume suggested that a lady was involved and already my thoughts turned towards the Stapletons. Now I was sure that a hound was involved and guessed who the murderer was.”                                                                                                             (Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of Baskervilles)
1.       Who is the narrator of this speech?
2.       To whom is he speaking?
3.       What was written on the paper on which the printed words had been stuck?
4.       How was the lady involved? Who is she?
5.       How was the hound involved?
(6-10) the passage and answer the following questions. Write the answers in your answer book.                                                                                                                                                                                                            (5 X1=5)
Today I come to Oslo as a trustee, inspired with renewed dedication to humanity. I accept this prize on behalf of all men who love peace and brotherhood. I say I come as a trustee, for in the depths of my heart     I am aware that this prize is much more than honour to me personally.      (The Beauty of Brotherhood)

6.       Who is the speaker?
7.       What does ’this prize’ refer to?
8.       Why was the speaker given the prize?
9.       How would he accept the prize?
10.   How does the speaker act as the trustee?
(11-19)Answer any five questions choosing at least two from each set                                                  (5X2=10)
11.   When Hugo discovered that his prisoner had escaped, what did he do?
12.   Who is John Clayton? Describe briefly what he told Holmes.
13.   What explanation does Stapleton give Sir Henry for his rude behavior?
14.   “House, land and dollar must go together”- Who is the speaker of these words?
15.   Why did Stapleton want to wipe out the rest of Baskerville family?
16.   Why should Laurie tell a fake story? What does he get by doing so?         (Charles)
17.   Why was Thoreau considered an unsuccessful teacher?                                                (Henry David Thoreau)
18.   What does ’paper protection’ mean?                                                                     (Animals Forever)
19.   Of all the patients waiting, who tried to behave like the bravest?                              (The First patient)

(20-21.) Rearrange the following scrambled sentences to form a meaningful paragraph. Do not copy the actual sentence. Write out only the letter [A, B, C, D&E] corresponding to the sentences and keep them in proper order.                                                                                                                                                                             (2x2½ =5)


20.   a. Unlike ordinary ice this is not made from water.
b. Both of these are formed by the condensation of water.
c. Generally, when we speak of ice, we have two kinds of ice-ice sold in the market and snow that
    falls on mountains during winter.
d. On the contrary, it is prepared from carbon dioxide.
e. But there is also a third kind of ice which is called ‘dry ice.’


21.   a. Précis is a form of summary ,abridgement or condensation
b. Generally, a précis should be about one-third of the original length.
c. It is also known as epitome.
d. There are many occasions we are required to summarize long passages   shorter ones.
e. It represents the gist of the original text.

22.  Read the following advertisement which appeared in a newspaper.                                                              (5)


Home tutor to teach English for Class  X and XI
Should have a post-graduate degree in English
Teaching experience not less than five years

Apply now:
Aurora Tutorials
103, Balaji Nagar
Write a letter to the address above, applying for the job. State your qualifications along with other details which you consider would be in your favour.

23.   Read the following dialogue. Then write a paragraph expressing your views on the topic discussed in it.                                                                                                                                                                             (5)

Suman  : I don’t know why people smoke in public places. They trouble themselves and others too with their bad habit.
Sasi        : we can’t say this. They enjoy smoking.
Suman  : Maybe. But smoking causes lung cancer. Moreover, passive smoking causes problems to the others too. Smoking in public places is prohibited, yet no one cares this.
Sasi        : There should be change in oneself. One should trouble others. It’s better to give up smoking. 

(24-25). Read the newspaper report given below:

Tuskers ruin crops, property in Hazaribag
( Timed of India – Patna Edition)
 Nov 23, 2012, 09.04AM IST
HAZARIBAG: Despite several attempts of the forest department, wild elephants are wreaking havoc in the tribal villages of Kusunjawar, Paharpur, Chapodohar and some other areas of the Barkatha block in the district. In the last 48 hours, they have damaged a dozen houses and uprooted paddy crops spread over 20 acres of land.
About three dozen tribal families fled from these villages to take shelter at Belkappi village where the mukhiya of the panchayat accommodated them in schools and community halls. The villagers said that the elephants not only vandalized the temples but also damaged food grains stored there.

24.   Imagine that you have witnessed the incident. Write a letter to your friend describing your experiences.                                                                                                                                                          (5)

25.   Write a letter to the Editor of the Times of India expressing your feelings about the incident. You can offer suggestions for the prevention of such losses.                                                                                          (10)

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