Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weekly Test-IV 10th English T/M By Raghuram


Subject: English                                                                                            Max. Marks: 25

Roll No.                                                                                                          Time: 1 Hour

I. Answer any FIVE questions:                                                                               5X1=5

1.      How is the narrator’s Christmas meeting different from that of Francis Randal?
2.      In what way are the two dogs different from their masters?
3.      Why was the conversation between Patel and Gandhi important?
4.      What kind of world does Tagore wish to have?
5.      What made Bassanio change his mind in presenting the ring to the lawyer?
6.      What was the gift that Lorenzo and Jessica got?

II. Complete the poem:                                                                                             2

Where the clear stream of reason ……………….let my country awake.

III. Read the following passage:     

Thank you for the letter. I would rather have a dog than you.          

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       Who is the speaker?
b.      What does he mean about his neighbour?

IV. Read the following passage:

“Please run after that lawyer and give him this ring”

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       Who is the speaker speaking to?
b.      Who is the lawyer really?

V. Read the following passage:

Because the human body is made up of billions of living cells, death nearly always occurs in stages. As the heart stops beating and the blood stops circulating, cells in all parts of the body die. Cells cannot live without the oxygen and the food that the blood supplies. The time of dying may be measured in minutes, hours, or even days.

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       How does death occur?

b. What happens when heart beating and blood circulation stop?

VI. Read the following passage:
The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was not a tea party at all, but the first major act of defiance on the part of the American colonies against their British rulers. The British parliament had imposed taxes on the colonies. A party of prominent citizens disguised themselves as Native Americans and secretly boarded the ships that were laden with tea. They then threw the entire cargo of tea overhead this was the beginning of the American War if independence.
Now answer the questions:                                                                                       ½ +½+1= 2
1.      The Boston Tea Party was an act of --------------------------------
2.      A party of citizens -----------------------and boarded-----------------------
3.      Choose the words from List A to match the meaning in List B and write it in the space provided.
List A:            prominent, entire, defiance, laden
List B:
                          i.      Very important-----------------------------
                        ii.      Non-cooperation----------------------------
VII. Complete the following passage using the appropriate words give. Each blank is numbered
        and for each blank four choices are given. Write (a),(b),(c) or (d) in each blank.                   2          European slave traders took Africans ------ (1) North America ----- (2) force. They made them---- (3) as slaves on plantations. Today, black and white people live ----- (4) equal citizens in America.

1. a. than                     b. for                           c. of                             d. to
2. a. by                                    b. with                         c. away                        d. from
3. a. works                   b. working                   c. work                        d. worked
4. a.  like                      b. as                             c.  also                         d. so

VIII. Match the parts of sentence under A with those under B. Write the letter of the sentence part against the sentence part in ‘A’.                                                              1
A                                                                          B
1. They came by air,                                        (            )         shall we?
2.  Let’s go to the museum,                            (            )         b. didn’t they?
IX. Rewrite as directed:                                                                                            ½x4=2
a.       I was very tired. I went to bed early    (Combine the two sentences using ‘so ---that’)
b.      The bell rang .All the children rushed out. (Combine the two sentences using ‘As soon as ’)
c.       They played well. They won the trophy. (Combine the two sentences using ‘since’)
d.      “Were you able to meet her?” they asked me .( Report the sentence)
XI. Choose the right word from those given in brackets to complete the sentences            ½x2=1
a.       The old man is suffering from heart problem. He should  see  -------
(an ophthalmologist, a cardiologist, a neurologist)          
b.      The meeting ended ----- soon after the departure of the minister.( speedily, abruptly, nastily)
XII. Completr the following words by using ‘ie’ or ‘ei’                                                     1
  a. aud—nce                                                   b. shr—k
XIII. What do the following sentences mean?                                                        ½ X2= 1
i.        Shall I do it for you?
a. offering help                  b. seeking help            c. giving permission    d. making request
ii. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity.
     a. request                            b. suggestion               c .command                 d. refusal
XIV.    Write a letter to your brother advising him to join NCC. Tell him the importance of NCC and the value of the certificate in interviews and other competitive exams.                                   5         
Prepared by
M. Raghuram