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Unit Plan for class 8 lesson "The Tattered Blanket"

Unit Plan

Class: VIII                                                                             Subject:English                                             Unit: Family                 No. of periods required:26

A. Reading: The Tattered Blanket
B. Reading: Poem- My Mother
C. Reading:Letter

Expected outcomes:

1. Involvement of children during the transaction of all components listen and
express their views and ideas freely.
2. Children should able to read and comprehend the given reading text individually
and collaboratively.
3. Children should able to use appropriate Vocabulary and Grammar in oral and
written discourses.
4. Creative Expressions; Construction of written Discourses
Description – narrative – conversation – letter - paragraph

Unit Plan for class 8 lesson The Tattered Blanket

English lesson plans

lesson plan

lesson plans
II. Period wise Teacher’s notes /Interactive question

Period 1: Face sheet

1. What do you observe in the pictures?
2. What kind of families do you observe?
3. What is a small family?
4. What is a large/ big family?
5. Which kind of families do we find in the present society? Small/
big families? Why?
6. Which family do you like to live in, small or big? Give reasons.
7. What are the other details you want give related family?
Period 2: Discourse: Description of my family .
1. How many members are there in your family?
2. Who are they?
3. Who are the bread winners of your family?
4. How many sisters do you have?
5. What do your sisters do?
6. How many brothers do you have?
7. What do your brothers do?
8. What are your father and mother?
9. What do the other people in your family do?
10. What do your grandparents do?
11. How do you help your parents?
12. How do you help your grandparents?
13. Do you like your family? Why?
14. How is your family different from other families?

Period 3: Discourse-Editing- Description of your family

What modifications will you make in the description if you have to write again in terms
of the following?

1. The theme – Does the description communicate the theme?
2. The language – Whether is there any changes needed in the sentences presented?
3. Whether the events sequence is in order, are there any changes needed?
4. Do you find any excess words in this sentence?
5. Do find any spelling error in this sentence?
6. What errors related to punctuation do you find here?
III-Teacher Reflections/ Comments (Period Wise)