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Model Paper - I (Class 10 E/M -English -AP Syllabus)

10Th E/M Model papers

Model Paper       Class X E/M
Third Language                                          ENGLISH                                         Paper-I
Time: 2 ½ Hours                                                                                                     Max. Marks :50
(1-8)          Answer each of the following questions in about three sentences:                                         (8X2=16)

1.       Do you think Schwamm did a good thing in deciding to share a room with someone? Why?
(The Night at the Hotel)
2.       What did Dr. Barnard learn from the two children?                     ( In Celebration of Being Alive)
3.       What, according to Mother Theresa , is the worst disease that any human being can ever experience
(Mother Therese)
4.       Why does the keeper kill the animals and hang them on the tree?                                   (The Gallows)
5.       When the tiger first met the deer, why didn’t it attack the deer?                            ( Fire in the Forest)
6.       Why did the Untouchable gift his land to Vinobha? What did Vinobha do with it ?Why did he do so ? (Vinobha – A Portrait Sketch)
7.       “The time, at last, has come to visit you, and I am here,”-Who is the 'I' in the poem? Who is 'you' ? In what sense has the time come?                                                            (Upagupta)
8.       What is the author's concept of a citizen? What is the difference between a citizen if the world and a citizen of a nation? Do you think you can be both at the same time?
      (Knowledge and Wisdom)
(9-24)  . Write the answers to these questions in your answer book
(9-13).             Choose the correct meanings of the words on the left and write them in your answer book                                                                                                                        (5X½ = 2 ½)
9.       Decree                  :           command        request            opinion            argument
10.   Verdict                  :           prediction        prevention       judgment         announcement
11.   Tenacious              :           courageous     courteous        stubborn          flexible
12.   Deserted               :           decorated        diverted           adopted           abandoned
13.   Augment               :           insist                increase          decrease         distribute
(14-18)Note the meaning of each underlined word in the  sentence in which it occurs. Select the
option that conveys the meaning and write it down in your answer book. (5X½ = 2 ½)

14.  He has no inclination to study medicine.
       a) Desire              b) need            c) intention                  d) idea
15.   He received a mortal wound soon after the battle began
a) causing death       b) poisonous      c) very slight                       d) fearful
16.   Since she was sent to India, she assiduously Indianized herself.
a)Hopefully                                b)joyfully             c)plentifully                        d)attentively
17.   The man was acquitted for the lack of evidence.
a) Set free                   b) imprisoned    c) accused                           d) abandoned
18. In less than a minute, the horse began to trot.
       a)force air violently  b)scream             c)run with short steps    d)rise on hind legs

(19-24). Choose the alternative that best fits the blank in each sentence and write it in your answer book.
(6X½ = 3)

19.   All the characters in the drama are -------------
a)imaginative                             b) imagery          c)imaginable                      d)imaginary
    20.  Every one is waiting for the --------------- of the court.
        a) Verdict                                  b) argument         c) client                                                d)law
    21. The stars are ---------- by the clouds.
         a) Obscured                              b) surrounded   c) scintillated                      d)overturned
    22. Be careful with the vase. It is -------------
          a)fragile                                  b)docile                   c)volatile                              d)hostile
    23. The food supplies are -------------- for the needs of all the people.
         a)incomplete                            b)inadequate    c)unequal                            d)inert
    24. The boy ------------ when he saw a stranger in his room.
        a) Squealed                                b) startled           c) wailed                              d) screamed

(25-28)  Find the wrongly spelt word in each of the following sets and write it correctly in your answer book .                                                                                                                                                                   (4X½ = 2)

25. Necessary                    compulsary                         ordinary                               mercenary
26. Pummel                        channel                                                colnel                                    laurel
27. Prevalent                     repellent                             pertinent                             beligerent
28. Venegeance                               permanence                      fragrance                             excellence

(29-36) Write out in your answer book the words of your choice against the question numbers

(29-32) In each set, find the word in which the underlined part is pronounced in the same way as in the key word.                                                                                                                  (4X½ = 2)
                29. Parachute    :               cashew                                 vision                    leisure                  fuss 
                30. Parted           :               wanted                                educate               planned               colored
                31. Flame             :               made                    angle                     slap                        gauze
                32. Author                           placid                    hall                         flour                      sour

(33-36). Find the words in each that rhymes with the key word                                                                                                                 (4X½ = 2)

                33. Glade             :               arcade                  charade                trod                      award
34. Plight              :               slit                          brought                                twilight                 clot
35. Song               :               clang                      bang                      rang                       wrong
36. Seer                :               mare                     tier                         sure                       flier

37. Read the following passage in which the end of each sentence is not indicated. Decide where each sentence ends. Write out the last word of each sentence and the appropriate Punctuation marks (.), (?)
or (!):                                                                                                                                                                    (4X½ = 2)
Yes she said there he is you are quite certain she said simply  I couldnt be mistaken sir

38. Rewrite the following sentence using commas, full stop, exclamation / question / quotation marks wherever necessary and rewrite the sentence in your answer book.:                                         (3X½=1½)

No sir there was moonlight and when the man looked up he had the lamplight on his face

(39-43) Read the sentence [a] then complete the sentence [b] using the ideas in [a]. Keep sentence[b] as close in meaning as possible to sentence [b]. Write the sentences in your answer book.              (5x1=5 )

39. a.   Rajan was ill. He did not take a leave.
       b. Although ------------------------------------
40.a. It did not stop raining. We postponed our tour.
     b. If it had stopped raining----------------------------
41.a.Sachin is one of the most popular Indian cricketers.
      b. Very few ----------------------------------------------------
42.a.  As soon as the thief saw the police, he ran away.
      b. No sooner -----------------------------------------------
43. a. “Are you coming with us?” they said to me .
      b. They asked me ------------------------------------

44. Identify the part of each underlined word:                                                                                                  (4x½=2)

                I continued down the road and my cousin went across the field towards the ditch.

45. Rewrite the following sentences making the necessary corrections:                                                               (1x1=1)

                Tell me why are you late.

46. Rewrite the following passages making improvements you think are necessary.                       \                                                                                                                    (1x2=2)
The doctor asked the patient to take rest. The doctor asked the patient to take the medicines regularly. The doctor asked the patient to take mild food. The doctor asked the patient to see him after five days.

(47-50). Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it   .                                                                                                                                               (4x1=4)               
                Do you ever think of the rivers of India? They are our greatest natural assets. Aren’t there hundreds of them watering our land and making it green and fertile? Aren’t they natural highways linking the towns with the villages? And isn’t there great beauty in them? There is such variety too. There are navigable rivers, especially in Bengal and Kerala. There are raging torrents which leap from the mountains down to the deep gorges. There are huge rivers which sometimes burst their banks and flood the countryside. And in tribute to their strength and beauty, we have always held them sacred. To love India is to love her rivers, big and small.

47.  What kind of rivers are there in India?
48. How are the rivers helpful to us?
49.  Why are rivers called ‘natural highways’?
50. Why do we hold our rivers sacred?
51. What would happen if rivers burst their banks?

52. Read the following passage

                Thirty years ago, Rampur was backward and neglected. There was no supply of drinking water and the villagers washed their cattle in the only pond. There was no hospital or school, and no electricity either. Most of the villagers were illiterate. Women were confined to housework and girls were engaged in sibling care.
Today Rampur is electrified, and a mobile dispensary visits every week. A primary school is housed in a stone building. Apart form this, Adult Education Centers are functioning. Those who are busy during day time can attend the centres in the evenings.  They are taught the basic skills. An Early Child Education centre is functioning and the children below school age are admitted in them. They are provided with nutritious food including milk, eggs and fruit. Drinking water is on top. There will be soon a branch of State of Hyderabad in the village, and this will be a great boon to the farmers. Loans for farming operations will be readily available and the grip of the moneylender on the farmers will be loosened.

Now read the following and find six statements which are in agreement with the passage. Write only the letters of the TRUE statements.                                                                                                                                                                 (6x½=3)

a.       Rampur is backward and people are illiterate.
b.      Today girls are not allowed to go to school.
c.       Thirty years ago, all the villagers depended on the pond.
d.      There a hospital in Rampur today.
e.      Moneylenders are very kind and they help the farmers.
f.        Thirty years ago, women were doing only housework.
g.       Farmers can get loans in the bank with low rate of interest.
h.      Adult Education Centers function during day time.
i.         There is no change in the life of the villagers.
j.        Rampur stands as a model village.

(53-55) Read the following passage
                There is an enemy beneath our feet. Everyone in the world is threatened by him.  The enemy is the Earth itself. The power of a quake is more powerful than anything that a man can produce. An earthquake strikes with immense power without warning.  It strikes a modern city as well as a small village. Gas mines burst, dams collapse, buildings fall and railway tunnels are wrecked. If the quake starts at sea, tidal waves sweep the inland. If the quake starts in mountains, avalanches roar down and thousands of houses disappear.

Now complete the following statements. In each case, write down the letter of your choice in your answer book.                                                                                                                                                                                         (1X½ =1 ½ )

53. According the passage,
a. earthquakes are unpredictable
b. earthquakes are unimportant
c. the damage caused by earthquakes can be repaired without much effort.

54.  If earthquake stats at sea
                a. tsunami or tidal wave breaks out
                b. floods occur
                c. dams collapse.

55. Avalanches are caused by
                a. earthquake at sea
                b earthquake in mountains
                c. earthquake in open land


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