Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reported Speech

Reported Speech

Ex. I. Match the columns

1. "This is Doctor Benson", he said.
(c) He introduced himself as Dr. Benson.
2. "Are you going far ?" asked the doctor.
(e) The doctor enquired whether he was going far.
3. "I'm going all the way to Detroit," Evans said.
(f) The man declared that he was going all the way to Detroit.
4. "Could you give me a cigarette?" Evans said.
(a) Evans asked for a cigarette.
5. "Do you mind, mister, if I take another cigarette for later ?
(d) Evens wondered whether he could take another cigarette for later.
6. "Put that watch into my pocket," he said angrily.
(b) He ordered Evans to put that watch into his pocket.

Ex. III. Complete the sentences by selecting the appropriate reporting verb.

1. (a) The criminal said, " ................... "
(b) The criminal admitted that he had committed the murder.
2. (a) Asha said, "Oh " ................... "
(b) Asha regretted that she had failed in Maths
3. (a) Ravi's father said, " ................... "
(b) Ravi's father suggested that he could seek his uncle's advice.
4. (a) My brother said to me "I'll give " ................... "
(b) My brother promised that he would give me a watch if I stood first in class.
5. (a) Manik told Shruthi, " Last ................... "
(b) Manik informed Shruti that he had attended the science conference in Hyderabad last

Ex. IV. Change the following into indirect speech.

(a) 1. He said to me, "Are you going home?"
Ans. He asked me whether I was going home.
2. He said, "Did you see my brother yesterday?"
Ans. He asked whether I/he had seen his brother the previous day.
3. He asked me, "Which bus stops here ?"
Ans: He asked me which bus stopped there.
4. My friend said, "What is your brother doing these days?"
Ans. My friend asked me what my brother was doing those days.
5. My brother said, " ................... "
Ans. My brother asked whether Ram.
(b) Match the columns
(i) What is you name ?
(c) He asked me what my name is/was.
(ii) Where do you live ?
(e) He asked me where I lived.
(iii) Could you tell me your date of birth ?
(d) He wondered if I could tell him my date of birth.
(iv) How long will you stay here ?
(b) He asked me how long I would stay here.
(v) Did you have a comfortable journey ?
(a) He asked me whether I had a comfortable journey.