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Tenses : (a)The Simple Past
A. The simple past tense if formed by adding d or ed to most of the verbs
hear + d → heard
work + ed

A set of verbs called irregular verbs are changed in other ways. Such words are :
bear - bore - born
beat - beat - beaten
become - became - become
begin - began - begun and so on.
Mohan heard a noise and stopped.
She worked hard for two years.
Ravi became an officer last year.
The play began ten minutes ago.

We can show the simple past tense on the TIME LINE as shown below.

Past 1985 1995 2000 2008 Future
1. He became a clerk in 1985.
2. He got married in 1995.
3. His wife gave birth to a child in 2000.
4. He became an officer in 2008.
B. We can use would and used to to show past actions.
5. My teacher would always tell me that I would become a great football player.
6. When I was a small child I used to play many games at school.

Complete the following paragraph with verbs in the past tense. You may use would or used to also.

When I was a small child I lived in Bombay. I studied in Bombay High School. I went to school
where I learnt many things. I used to go to Juhu Beach with my parents on Sundays. Whenever
I went to the beach I would play with my brother. We would keep playing till it was time to return
home. On our way home we would stop at Quality Ice Cream Parlour. It used to be an
enjoyable day for all of us.

The Negative

The negative in the Past Tense is formed with
did not + verb (He did not sleep last night)
A sentence like
He did not slept last night.
is not correct.

Rewrite the following sentences in the negative.

1. My aunt went to Bombay for holidays
Ans. My aunt did not go to Bombay for holidays.
2. He obeyed the rules of the camp.
Ans. He did not obey the rules of the camp.
3. He came to school on foot.
Ans. He did not come to school on foot.
4. He returned home after the show.
Ans. He did not return home after the show.
The Interrogative
The interrogative is formed by using 'did' at the beginning of the sentence.
Did Mohan go to school yesterday ?

Rewrite the following sentences in the Interrogative

1. Shekhar went for a swim in the pool.
Ans. Did Shekhar go for a swim in the pool?
2. He accepted the offer.
Ans. Did he accept the offer ?
3. India become a Republic on 26.1.1950.
Ans. Did India become a Republic on 26.1.50 ?
4. They wanted to help the poor children.
Ans. Did they want to help the poor children ?
In Interrogative sentences, some begin with
Is/Are/Do., like
Is Manohar ill ?
Are your parents well ?
Do you like tea ?

Make sentences using the word given.

1. ________ you going to the market ? (Is/Are)
Ans. Are you going to the market ?
2. ________ the teacher in the class ?
Ans. Is the teacher in the class?
3. You like mangoes ?
Ans. Do you like mangoes?
4. Your mother is cooking.
Ans. Is your mother working ?
5. Your brother eats eggs ?
Ans. Does your brother eat eggs ?
6. You know Sanskrit.
Ans. Do you know Sanskrit ?

In Interrogative sentences we use question words like :

Who/Whose/What / Which at the beginning to ask for information

Fill in the blanks with question words.

(i) Who is that man ?
(ii) Which book do you want, The Tale of Two Cities, or David Copperfield ?
(iii) What is you name ?
(iv) What time is it ?
(v) Who met him ?
(vi) Which one of them won the match, Becker or Sampras ?
There are other question words like why/when/where /how to seek information.

Fill in the blanks with the right question words.

(i) Why were you absent yesterday ?
(ii) When will you come to my house ?
(iii) Where are you going ?
(iv) Why are you so tired today ?
(v) When shall I meet you ?
(vi) How can we go shopping in the heavy rain ?
6. Make questions for the following answers.
(i) I have been to the zoo.
Ans. Where have you been ?
(ii) Amit and Amar are sitting under the tree.
Ans. Where are Amit and Amar sitting ?
(iii) My name is Mohinder.
Ans. Which is your name, Mohinder or Mahender ?
(iv) I like this book better than that one.
Ans. Which book do you like better, this book or that one ?
(v) Sulekha ate the cake.
Ans. Who at the cake ?
(vi) I will give you the brown shirt.
Ans. Which shirt will you give me, the brown one or the black one ?

7. Fill in the questions in this dialogue

R. This shirt is good. Where did you buy it ?
A. In a shop on Mall Road.
R. Which shop was it, Modern Store or Jagannadhs ?
A. Modern Store.
R. What is its name ? MG Road is very long. Where exactly is it ?
A. Do you know Tourist Hotel ? It is next door.