Wednesday, August 31, 2011

question:1.My dog died last week. 2.My dog was died last week. which is right?Why?

1.My dog died last night is right expsn .my dog was died means it was kild by som1 . . Fist 1 hapnd naturaly ,by it's
2.First one is right. Second one is in passive.
3.The 1st one is right because died is the intrasitive verb. The action was not done by others. In 2nd case if was is followed by dead it' chary 4.First one is right because we can't make it passive, simple past is Sub and Verb2 Rampally Vijayabhaskar Jammikunta. 9908893464. 5.Ans is 2. Because da action was done by others. 6.DOG statements lo 2nd statement is correct. SRINU.JGTL 7.My dog died last week is right. Because v2 used with last week. 8.My dog died last week is correct answer(K.RAMESH, S.A.(ENG)ZPHS. MUCHARLA 8. 1.My dog died last week. 2.My dog was dead. 9.FELTAPKNR Some verbs are in- transitive.They do not take objects,cannot be used in passive voice. My dog died last week. My dog was died last week (wrong)-vinayadhar raju .
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