Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WEEKLY TEST-II Prepared by Raghuram


Subject: English                                                                                            Max. Marks: 25

Roll No.                                                                                                          Time: 1 Hour

I. Answer any FIVE questions:                                                                               5X1=5

1.      What is the main aim of the Chipko Movement?
2.      What are the three stages in the life of a woman? How are the bangles suitable to these stages?
3.      How long did the narrator’s financial career last? Was successful?
4.      Why did Hollis Meylnell ask the old woman to pretend that she was Hollis Meylnell?
5.      What did Shylock do when he learnt that his daughter had run away?
6.      Which casket did the prince of Morocco choose? Was his choice right?

II. Complete the poem:                                                                                             2

Some are purple ………………………… husband’s side.

III. Read the following passage:                                                                 

“Can I see you?” I asked,”alone?”

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       Who is “I” in the passage?
b.      Who is ‘you ‘ in the passage?

IV. Read the following passage:

“ I want to take revenge on him. He has always insulted me. Because his free lending, I have lost half a million ducats in business.”

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       Who is the speaker?
b.      What caused his loss in business?

V. Read the following passage:
Some of the ‘engineered food’ may not taste exactly like the real thing. However, it is very much cheaper and contains more food value. For example, man-made meat has more vitamins and proteins than real meat.

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       How is ‘engineered food’ useful?

b. How is man-made meat different from the real meat?
VI. Read the following passage:

The word ‘Mizo’ is a term meaning hillmen or highlanders, and comprises several sub-tribes like the Lushais , Hmars, Paihte, Mara ,Pawi and a few others. They belong to the Mongoloid stock and are said to have migrated to Mizoram from somewhere in the hinterland of Asia in the 17th or 18th centuries.  The Mizo village is the social unit around which revolves the day-to-day life of these tribals. At the centre of each village, usually located a top of a hill, is the chief’s house and at any central place is located the Zwalbe or the dormitory for the bachelors.

Complete the sentences:                                                                                            ½ x4= 2

1.      The Mizos migrated ______________________________
2.      the life of the Mizos  is connected to _________________
3.      The Zwalbe is ___________________________________
4.      the chief’s house is located _________________________

VII. Complete the following passage using the appropriate words give. Each blank is numbered
        and for each blank four choices are given. Write (a),(b),(c) or (d) in each blank.                   2         
In olden days there ------ (1 ) no clocks or watches to tell us the time. The hourglass was used -----(2)tell the time. It was made of glass ---- (3) had sand in it. The level of sand -----  (4) the time.

1. a. was                      b. are                           c. is                              d. were
2. a. to                         b. off                           c. of                             d. in
3. a. but                       b. as                             c. and                          d. yet
4. a. indicated             b. indicate                   c. indicates                  d. indicating

VIII. Match the parts of sentence under A with those under B. Write the letter of the sentence part against the sentence part in ‘A’.                                                              1
A                                                                                 B
1. When we reached the station,                           (       )         a.  Ramesh called him.
2. When Raja was waiting at the railway station, (      )         b. the train had already left.

IX. Study the following pairs of sentences and answer the question                                1

a.       Roshan must have polished his shoes.
b.      Rajan   must have his shoes polished.

Whose shoes are not clean? -------------------

X. Rewrite as directed:                                                                                             ½x2=1

a. Bahuguna started the Chipko movement..     (Begin with The Chipko movement --------------)
b. Hollis Meylnell  said, “My looks won’t matter.” (Report the sentence)

XI. Fill in the blanks choosing the right word from those given in the brackets:     ½x2=1

a.       The meeting was called --------- because of heavy rains. ( of-off-on)
b.      I can’t make ------ what you‘ve written. ( on-out-in)

XII. Arrange the following words in alphabetical order:                                                  1
       Court, courage, cheque, chemistry

XIII. Put the following under correct headings:                                                                1

Accountant, restaurant, chamber, manager, avenue, colonel, customer, bank


XIV.       The postman of your area is very careless. He often throws letters into your room and sometimes he does not deliver the parcels.

Write a letter of compliant to the postmaster about the negligence of the postman. 5

Prepared by
M. Raghuram