Friday, January 25, 2013

10th T/M English Weekly Test-2013 Prepared by Raghuram


Subject: English                                                                                            Max. Marks: 25

26th january
Roll No.                                                                                                          Time: 1 Hour

I. Answer any FIVE questions:                                                                               5X1=5

1.      Why didn’t the king punish the royal barber?
2.      What was the change that came over the king when he was in the forest?
3.      Why was Ivan not happy with his wife?
4.      What made Polya burst into tears?
5.      Why did Antonio and Shylock hate each other?
6.      Why was Portia unhappy with her marriage arrangement?

II. Complete the poem:                                                                                             2

You’ve loved a city………………………… and endures.

III. Read the following passage:                                                                 

“I’ll see how His Handsomeness likes himself with horns.”

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

26 th Januarya.       Who is “I” in the passage?
b.      What will happen to him with the horns?

IV. Read the following passage:

“Take it if you want or .Otherwise let me say good bye.”

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       What does “it” refer to?
b.      Who does “you” refer to?

V. Read the following passage:
In the late nineteenth century the real importance of fingerprints became known. A man called Sir Francis Galton began to study the ridges on the finger-tips. He found that no two people had the same pattern of ridges. He also learnt that the pattern does not change as a person grows older.

Now answer the following questions:                                                                      1

a.       What did Sir Francis Galton study?

b.      What are the findings of Sir Francis Galton?
i._____________________________________   ii._________________________________

VI. Read the following passage:

Everyone is afraid of earthquakes. They are quite common in countries like Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

How do they occur?  They are caused by the shifting rocks along the cracks in the earth’s crust. The crust is produced when rocks near each other are pulled in different directions.

Some nations are actively involved in earthquake prediction. They have set up seismic networks in areas of their countries .These networks give advance signals. Seismographs can detect vibrations in the layer of the earth. Tiltmetres are used to measure surface tilt along the crust line. Whatever the technological development is, it is in its infancy.

i.        Each question has four choices. Choose the correct answer and put a (√) mark against it.                                                                                                                              ½+½+1=2
  1. Earthquakes are caused by
.a. vibrations inside the earth  (           )           b. shifting of the rocks (          )
c. movement of the crust        (           )           d. seismic signals         (          )
     2.    Seismograph can detect
            a. vibrations in the layer of the earth  (           )b. occurrence of earthquakes(            )
            c. tilting of the crust                            (           )d. cracks in the earth’s crust(             )          
     3.   Name the countries which face earthquakes often

VII. Complete the following passage using the appropriate words give. Each blank is numbered and for each blank four choices are given. Write (a),(b),(c) or (d) in each blank.         2         
An igloo ____ (1) a temporary winter home ___  (2) the Eskimos. Made from blocks of snow___ (3) dome-shaped, the igloo is _____ (4) for its clever design.

1. a. was                      b. is                              c. have                         d. has
2. a .in                         b. off                           c. of                             d. into
3. a. but                       b. as                             c. and                          d. yet
4. a. noted                   b. noting                      c. notes                        d. note

VIII. Match the parts of sentence under A with those under B. Write the letter of the sentence part against the sentence part in ‘A’.                                                                                      1

A                                                                                 B
1. I am going to the police station      (           )           a. so that he wouldn’t get wet.
2. Raja is carrying an umbrella            (           )           b. to report that my belongings have been stolen.

IX. Study the following pairs of sentences and answer the question                                            1

a.       I am looking for Srinu’s piece of writing.
b.      I am looking at Sridhar’s piece of writing.

Whose piece of writing is missing? -------------------

X. Rewrite as directed:                                                                                                         ½x2=1

a. The god punished the king.     (Begin with The king-----------------------------)
b. Polya said, “I am getting old.” (Report the sentence)

XI. Fill in the blanks with the right form of the underlined word:                                  ½x2=1

a.       I can’t help you at this moment. I am really --------------
b.      Don’t explain anything to me .I am not interested in your -------------

XII. Arrange the following words in alphabetical order:                                                  1

Shriek, shout, shrink, strong

XIII. You to your teacher: I want to leave the room.(Change in polite question )                ½


XIV.    Shall we go on a picnic?                                                                                              ½

This sentence refers to                                                (           )
a. Making an offer                                          b. expressing inability
c. making a suggestion                                     d. making an inquiry

XV. Write a story in about 200 words using the hints given below. Divide the story
        into paragraphs.                                                                                                            5

Two travelers- forest- meet bear- one climbs a tree- other lies down- s fi dead- bear smells- goes away- first traveler asks what the  bear  has said- beware of friends –who run away in danger.

Prepared by
M. Raghuram