Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Relative clauses

Relative clauses

A relative clause tells us about a noun it qualifies in a sentences.
The man who is in khakhi clothes is my friend.
'who is in khakhi clothes' describes the man. It is a relative clause.

I. Complete the sentences with who / which / that

1. English is a language which is spoken all over the world.
2. Aradhana's parents gave her the gold chain which she wore at the performance.
3. Rice is a cereal which is grown in tropical countries.
4. I like young people who read a lot.
5. Have you tasted the sweets that I made yesterday?
6. The bridge which was built last year has developed cracks.

II. Join the sentences using relative clauses. Make changes where necessary

1. I know a man. He can speak three languages.
Ans. I know a man who can speak three languages.
2. You lent me a radio. I have cleaned it.
Ans. I have cleaned the radio which you lent me.
3. They are the engineers. They repaired the bridge near Varanasi.
Ans. They are the engineers who repaired the bridge near Varanasi.
4. I was waiting for an electrician. He did not turn up.
Ans. I was waiting for an electrician who did not turn up.
5. Was it your mother ? She started a dispensary in this village.
Ans. Was it your mother who started a dispensary in this village ?

III. Complete the passage by selecting the suitable clauses.

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was the great Scientist who believed that plants could become tired,
depressed and happy. The other scientists who heard him laughed at him. Then he designed and
built an instrument which recorded the growth of plants. The instrument also showed that plants
have hearts and are capable of feeling.
"Your instrument is a wonderful thing", said the scientists who attended the Paris congress of
Science in 1900.