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Grammar Topics Grid View (AP New English Text books - Class VI to X)-Prepared by Vadlamudi Mahesh Naidu

Grammar (AP New English Text books - Class VI to X)

Class VI
Class VII
Class VIII
Class IX
Class X
i. Degrees of comparison: as…, so….as, the heaviest

ii. Adverbs of frequency: always, often, never, seldom
i. Degrees of comparison
ii. ‘May’: permission &possibility
iii. Expressing wish using unreal past (wish+sub+past tense)

Phrases, Noun phrases and Noun phrase Apposition.

i. Past perfect
ii.Phrasal verbs: take, set, lie, look, get, change, leave.

Relative clauses: Defining and Non- defining
i. Collective nouns: army, group, herd, pile, fleet

ii. Adverbs of Manner: seriously, carefully, loudly.

i. Prepositions: In, On, At
ii. Revision of Articles

i. Framing of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions.

ii.Question Tags

Adverbial Clauses: As, when, since
i.Enough – adj or adv?
ii.Articles-‘The’-Exceptions before common nouns
iii. Compound Prepositional phrases
iv. It’s time+Past simple verb(V2)
v. I wonder if…………….
i. Punctuation- ?,!
ii. Apostrophe in possessive case of Nouns and contractions.
iii.Regular & Irregular verbs
iv. Quantifiers: no, none, any…..
i. Modals-Should, Must (Obligation, condition, necessity)
ii. Degrees of comparison

Gerunds (Verb+ing as subject and Object)

i. Reported Speech: conversation
ii. Noun clause

Past perfect (had + V3)

Reported Speech
i. Contracted forms: can’t, won’t, I’d, you’ll
ii. Adverbs of Manner: safely, eagerly, angrily

i. Adverbs of Manner
ii. Relative clauses (Adjective clauses)
i. The Verb Phrase (Predicate)
ii. Identifying main verb and auxiliary verbs from verb phrases
i. Linkers
ii. Prepositions following Adjectives & Verbs: proud of, married to
iii. Past perfect & past Simple
iv. Modals

If Clause – Type I
i. Past simple
ii. past continuous
Used to + Would
(past expressions and habits)
i. No sooner…..than
ii. Scarcely…..when
iii. hardly…..when
i. Contractions
ii. Adverbial Clauses

i. The Passive voice
ii. Adverbs of Frequency(Revision)

Exercises on Past simple and past continuous

Reported speech (conversation)

Defining Relative clauses
i. Non-finite clauses
ii. Reported speech
iii. Quantifiers: some, any, each, both, all, no, no one, every, several
i. Adjectives – usual order
ii. To infinitive (to talk about the purpose)
i. If clause – type 0 & 1
ii.Replacing ‘if’ with ‘when’
Coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so

If clauses – I, II, III
i. Linker/Discourse markers
ii. Passive voice without agent

i. Use of ‘Must”
ii. Present simple
iii. Present continuous
iv. ’Wh’ questions
i. Until , As long as
ii. Subject & Predicate
Subordinate conjunctions: when, before, after, since, while

Passive voice
i. Past simple & Present perfect
ii. Punctuation: hyphen(-), dash (-)
iii. Agreement between subject & verb