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Summative-II Model Test Paper for class 8(English)

Class: VIII                                                                                                 Marks: 80 Subject: English
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Read the following narrative:
Once upon a time, there lived a poor man name APPAIAH, he was jobless. He
travelled on foot from village to village in search of occupation. During his sajourn, he
came across a goldsmith who requested him to visit his city and be his guest, wherever
he wished.
On the way, he came across the well. Inside the well were trapped a monkey, a
tiger, a snake and a man.
Answer the following questions: (10 marks)
1. What do you mean by the word “jobless” ?
2. How did the poor man travel?
3. Why did he go from place to place?
4. What was the request of the goldsmith?
5. APPAIAH travelled on foot. How do you go to you school, market, village
Continue reading the narrative:
“Help! Help!” cried all of them seeing APPAIAH, he was in a fix. If he pulled
out the tiger or the snake, they night have harmed. But both of them assured him that
they were not so ungrateful as to harm their saviour.


Write a possible conversation among APPAIAH, the snake and the tiger
the Snake: _________________
the tiger: _________________


Write a paragraph on the feelings / thoughts of poor man at this point of the
(5 marks)
Continue reading the narrative:
So the APPAIAH pulled them out one by one. While taking leave the tiger
said, “I live in the jungle. Feel free to come for any help”, “just remember me and I
will be beside you,” promised the snake “if you ever need fruits for food, I am at your
service” offered the monkey.

Task-IV: (5 marks)
summative papers

Did you help any one or receive any help from one on any occassion? write a
letter to your friend describing that occasion?
Continue reading the narrative:
It so happened that Appaiah met the monkey, the next day he received a large
gift of fruits from him. The monkey led him to the dean of the tiger. Happy on seeing
the brahmin, the tiger presented him a set a gold ornaments.

Task-V: (5 marks)

Have you ever received any gift / prize from anyone or have you ever presented
any one a gift. Describe that occasion / situation (10 min) in your words in five or six
Continue reading the narrative:
“My worry is now over,” thought the brahmin, “I will sell the gold and live

Task-VI: (10 marks)

Every one of us would like to live happily like Appaiah. What things would
you like to buy when you have enough money in your hands?


Continue reading the narrative and write the opposites for the underlined
words. Appaiah then went to buy some jewels for this wife. He then remembered his
mother and he bought a shawl for her. He took reset under a tree for sometime and
continued to walk to his village. He could not believe his luck. When Appaiah reached
home, his children became happy seeing the gifts he brought for them. His wife and
children started questioning him about the gold, the money and the gifts.
Task-VIII: (10 marks)
Frame fire or six questions based on their conversion:
Clue: - How much, How long, How did, who, when, where etc.,

Task-IX: (10 marks)

Punctuate the following :
appaiah started narrating all the events he told them how he met the tiger and
others he described the hardships he went through.
Continue reading the narrative:
Appaiah after relaxing for sometime asked his son to show his notebooks. He
found certain errors in his books.


Given below are some sentences with errors identify them by drawing a line.
1. Suma is thin, Vani thin too
2. Where did the bat lived ever since the birds won the war?
3. Who the birds fighting with?
4. Look the following
5. The young ones and their mothers separated

Task-XI: (10 marks)

Read the following paragraph underlined words are misplaced. Rewrite the
paragraph putting them at correct places.
India is my unity, with country in diversity. A land of with cultures and many
vibrant colors. A union of having states and many different tastes. Tamilnadu for
apples and Kashmir for temples. Kerala for population and Uttar Pradesh for