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                                        CCE - COMMENTS

CCE-FELTAP… has a positive attitude towards his studies. He has a strong sense of responsibility and
strives hard to do his best.
… is an energetic and outspoken person. His is industrious and eager to learn. He
participates actively in school activities. He is well liked by his fellow students for his
enthusiasm in serving others.
… is a good-natured and well-disciplined person. He has a positive attitude towards his studies
and always tries to better himself.
… possesses a cheerful and easy-going disposition. He treats his friends with sincerity and
teachers with respect.
… is a polite, cheerful and pleasant student. He is co-operative and willing to learn.
… is a thoughtful and inquisitive person. He has a very serious attitude towards his studies and
works very hard to improve himself.
… is a polite and well-behaved student. He studies sensibly and conscientiously. He gets
along well with his fellow students.
- 4 -
… has a pleasant personality. He is a helpful and active member of the class. He is serious
with his schoolwork and has shown steady progress.
… is a well-behaved and industrious student. He has a strong sense of responsibility and
strives hard to do his best.
Useful words/phrases
1. Personality: ambitious, sincere, responsible, sophisticated, outspoken, considerate, modest,
eloquent, energetic, thoughtful, obliging, sociable, assertive, attentive, outgoing, pleasant,
gentle, courteous, punctual, trustworthy, cheerful, easy-going, well-behaved, calm.
2. Learning Ability: has an analytical and rational mind, has high comprehensive capacity and
excellent analytical power, has a logical, critical and keen mind, bears great power of
analysis, has maintained generally good/excellent results in her/his work, a serious and
cautious worker of average academic calibre, a steady worker who shows continuous
progress in her/his work, a diligent and conscientious worker of above average calibre, an
industrious student who always aspires to do her/his best, an attentive student of near
average academic calibre, a hardworking student of excellent academic standard who
possesses a genuine zeal for learning, an independent and steady worker of average/above
average academic standard who shows interest in her/his work, a steady worker of average
academic standard who is always willing to improve her/his work.
3. Attitude towards studies: a well-organized and self- motivated student, highly motivated and
attentive, humble to learn, grasps every opportunity to learn and widen the scope of
knowledge, keen on the pursuit of knowledge, would raise questions and discussions
whenever in doubt, devotes himself/herself in facing new challenges of the unanticipated,
has good organizing power and works very hard, a consistent worker and is capable of
working independently, works industriously and independently, has good determination and
perseverance, has an acquiring mind, when he/she gets himself/herself a goal, he/she has
that extra bit to see it through.
4. Sociability: lovely personality and welcomed by his/her classmates and teachers, willing to
serve and shows social concern, has a posit ive attitude towards life, able to exert a positive
influence on others, has developed a good sense of responsibility and self- motivation, full
of enthusiasm and confidence in being a useful person to contribute to society.
- 5 -

Report Card Reference

I. General Remarks


1. Intelligent & keenly interested in the subjects.
2. Intelligent & attentive.
3. Capable of learning all the subjects equally well.
4. Conscientious and capable: has high potential for even better result.
5. Knows his lessons well.
6. Keen on studies.
7. Above average/above standard.
8. Bright, diligent.
9. Hard-working
10. Clever & diligent.
11. Good and tidy.
12. Interested in this subject.
13. A steady worker.
14. Attentive and steady in work.
15. Has tried hard and should keep on trying.
16. Has tried his best.
17. Shows great interest in his studies.
18. Making good progress.
19. Excellent progress.
20. Does very careful & neat work.
21. Has worked well throughout.
22. Good & helpful in class.
23. Trying hard to learn.
24. Willing to learn.
25. Well-balanced progress.
26. Good response in class
1. Intelligent but needs to take more interest in school work/lessons.
2. Intelligent but takes school work/lessons too casually.
3. Intelligent but careless.
4. Intelligent but needs to take school work/lessons more seriously.
5. Satisfactory result but capable of making further progress.
6. Satisfactory result but has not worked to his full capacity.
7. Satisfactory result but should not be content with it.
8. Required to work more steadily; a better result was expected of him.
9. Average work/standard.
- 6 -
10. Quiet & quite deligent.
11. Has improved quite a lot, should keep on trying.
12. Has shown fairly good progress but should keep on working harder.
13. Quite good.
14. Should have done better.
15. Should pay more attention in class.
16. Could have achieved better results.
17. Satisfactory work.
18. Capable of further progress.
19. Quite good in his work but should be more co-operative.
20. Satisfactory on the whole.
21. Progressing satisfactorily.
22. Room for further progress.
23. Steady but a bit slow in his work.
24. He has shown some effort.


1. Emotional instability tends to cause poor result.
2. Poor result: should take full advantage of the summer vacation.
3. Should work more conscientiously.
4. Should try to make up the deficiency during the summer vacation.
5. Regular study during the summer vacation is needed to improve his poor
6. Playfulness/inattentiveness/disobedience/talkativeness/over confidence is the cause of
his poor results.
7. Tends to neglect his subjects.
8. Should pay more attention to weaker subjects.
9. More practice in … … (e.g. Mathematics, spelling) would result in improvement in
class behaviour/would result in academic progress.
10. Wastes a lot of time in useless activities.
11. Ignores teachers’ advice.
12. Slow to learn and indifferent to advice.
13. Too optimistic and careless.
14. More self-respect and pride are needed.
15. Tends to give up too soon and too easily.
16. Too shy and too self-conscious.
17. Should try to participate in class activities with more enthusiasm.
18. Should learn to be more polite and considerate.
19. Should learn to observe school rules/respect teachers.
20. Weak result, more attention is requir ed.
21. Failed because of too frequent absence.
- 7 -
22. Absent- minded at times.
23. Rather restless and talkative.
24. Disappointing result in … … … … .
25. Too easy going; should take more interest in studies.
26. Needs improvement in… … … … .
27. Good in general but weak in… … … … .
28. Rather untidy & careless.
29. Needs help at home.
30. Lack of concentration.
31. Should practice more writing & composition.

II. Conduct and Character

1. Has an energetic nature and is eager to succeed.
2. Is rather impulsive but is diligent and persevering.
3. Is self-reliant, cautious and dependable.
4. Is frank, energetic and straight forward. Has good powers of leadership.
5. Has a kind disposition, is persevering and considerate.
6. Has a determined character and is ambitious to learn.
7. Is a respectful and dutiful student.
8. Is cautious, prudent and naturally ambitious.
9. Is a thorough and painstaking worker.
10. Is refined and respectful but should practice self- reliance and concentration.
11. Has an independent disposition; is conscientious in all she/he does.
12. Is a systematic worker.
13. Is cautious and calm and is a steady worker.
14. Is methodical in her/his work.
15. Has a good executive ability and is reliable.
16. Is honest, open-hearted and shows good reasoning power.
17. Is hardworking, self-reliant and confident.
18. Has a serene, retiring temperament but with a keen sens itive perception.
19. Is a conscientious worker; is capable of holding responsibility.
20. Is rather timid and should assert herself/himself more and be more courageous.
21. Has an alert and active mind.
22. Has a good sense of sportsmanship and justice.
23. Has a generous nature, is sociable and gracious.
24. Has a pleasant personality.
25. Has the qualities of a good leader/is capable of holding responsibility.
26. Is vivacious and cheerful.
27. Is faithful to duty and enthusiastic in work.
28. Possesses strong powers of determination.
29. Is rather easy- going at times.
- 8 -
30. Is quiet, reserved and uncommunicative.
31. Has a kind and gentle disposition.
32. Is strong-willed and domineering.
33. Is a slow plodding worker.
34. Is inclined to be moody at times.
35. Is determined, dominating, sometimes inclined to be headstrong.

Other Useful Words:

courageous, enthusiastic, sensitive, creative, inspiring to others, knowledgeable, reliable,
consistent & persistent, supportive (always gives help and backing), objective, charming,
zealous, ambitious, determined, self-reliant, sent imental, passionate/affectionate, versatile,
witty, competent (in), mature, practical, reasonable, sensible, benevolent, kind, helpful,
amenable, impressive.
A lady of genuine sincerity who opens humbly to good advice and is always willing to seek
Although his performance still needs much to be desired, he has potential as yet to be
… strong- minded, never feels hopeless and has the courage to stand up to challenge.
She really deserves to be called a diligent student. She puts great effort in her studies and
always strives to go further.
She is diligent and conscientious, showing a highly commendable positive attitude towards
her studies.
Her enthusiastic in participating in various clubs revealed her wide range of interests and
her sincerity and kindness enable her to make friends with many others.
He approaches his studies with zest and never lets go a chance to raise questions.