Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writing Activities

Dear friends,

 I'd like to share the activities that I collected to  use in my classroom focus on the communicative effectiveness.


Look at the picture on the desk.

If you are first, start one sentence of a story based on the picture.

If you are not first, add to the story.  Use your imagination!!!

2)Cinquain Poetry

A cinquain is a five-line poem.  Read the guidelines below.

Line 1: State a subject in one word (usually a noun)

Line 2: Describe the subject in 2 words

Line 3: Describe an action about the subject in 3 words

Line 4: Express a feeling/emotion you have about the subject in 4


Line 5: Restate the subject in another, single word that reflects

            what has already been said (usually a noun)



cool, refreshing

suddenly cascading down

renewed, alive with anticipation


Now try writing your own poem:

3) Free-writing: It’s FREE!

The Rules:

    Write the first thing that comes into your head!
    Incorrect grammar is OKAY!
    Incorrect spelling and words are OKAY!
    Abbreviations are okay!  (example: “with” → “w/”)
    Messy handwriting is OKAY!!
    Don’t stay in the lines!



I like writing about nothing. Nothing is my good friend. I think nothing is a synonym to emptiness. So does it mean that when I feel nothing I am empty? Or what am I writing now? Does it make any sense to you?

4)    Postcards – Individual Task

1)   Choose a postcard

2)  Choose a name (see the list below) who to write to.

3)  Cross out this name from the list.

4)  Write a postcard to the person you chose

5)  Address the postcard

6)  Put the postcard to the Mail Box (Envelope) – SEND it!

Postcards TO...

Please tick (  ✓    ) the name you choose, so that the others would not write to the same person! :-)

5)    River writing — INDIVIDUAL TASK

The Rules:

1.Choose a trigger and write!

2.Keep your hand moving and writing. Repeat words or ideas if you feel stuck, but keep your hand moving!

3.Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Don’t erase or cross out anything!

4.Anything in ENGLISH is okay!

5.If you do not know what to write, write the trigger word over and over again until more English flows out of you!

6.If you want to change topics or triggers…do it!

7.Write like water flowing in a river!!!


Yesterday I…

I always wanted..

I will never…


        Self-portrait - 1

             Poem – INDIVIDUAL TASK

Follow the guidelines to write your own self-portrait:

Line 1:  your first name

Line 2:  4 adjectives that describe you

Line 3:  relationship to someone, e.g. mother of __, son of __

Line 4:  speaker of _____ (languages you speak)

Line 5:  who loves (name 3 things)

Line 6:  who dislikes (name 3 things)

Line 7:  who would like to see (name 3 things)

Line 8:  your profession

Line 9:  your last name


6) Story Cards – GROUP WORK


1. Look at the set of story cards.

2. Put the cards in a logical order so that they tell a story.

(Check for numbers on the back if you need to!)

3. Write one or two sentences for each picture. (if someone has started the story already, read what they wrote and add to the story)

4. 4. Shuffle the cards for the next person.