Sunday, September 16, 2012

How I encouraged my students to give speech in English on our Head teacher's retirement function

How I encouraged my students to give speech in English on our Headmaster's retirement function

Back Ground: 

I have been working in ZPHS MANNEMPALLI in Karimnagar,AP since 2005,which is a small village most of my students are first generation learns they studied through Telugu medium from first class recently our Govt. introduces English medium in Govt.sector and named them as success schools so my students changed their medium and studied English medium from 6th class onwards,last month our school  Headmaster retired on 31st August using this opportunity I encouraged all our 10th class E/M students to give speech in English.All the students(15) in the class prepared for it but unfortunately the programme was delayed so my students didn't get any chance to deliver the speech on that day so I gave an opportunity for them to do it the same  in my class and I recorded their speeches and uploaded to my YOU TUBE account.(You can watch those videos here)


Strategies I followed:

1. I  asked them to prepare their own speech(rough draft) what ever language they know.

 Then I corrected their language and provided the skeleton of  a speech 

       a)  How to begin a speech or common expressions used at the beginning of the speech.

       b) About their experiences with our Headmaster.

       c) What are the different developmental activities taken up during his time.

       d) What are the different events or achievements that the school get during his time

       e) His special strengths or qualities if any....

       d) Closing the speech(provided  common expression used at the end of the speech)


2.Then I asked them to prepare their 2nd draft I made some corrections in grammar and vocabulary.


3.Given  two days time for get prepared.


4. Conducted rehearsals ask the students to come forward and deliver their speech in front of  their classmates and encouraged them  to stand there for about 2 to 3 minutes.(I    gave model presentations wherever necessary)


 5. Given opportunity for every student in the class and I made it compulsion.


6. This rehearsals continued for about a week(each student got at least three chances)


On retirement day when I asked them to give their names all the students in class came forward.

Draw back:  

Students started using other students point in their speech finally all students speeches become all most similar.


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