Saturday, August 27, 2011


We recommend five things
for learning English
1. Context and Exposure
See or hear the vocabulary
used in context
Sample contexts: reading
material, audio, video,
Sometimes you can guess
meaning from the situation.
What type of word is it
(noun, verb, adjective)?
Look at the words around it.
Try to read or listen to as
much English as possible
Choose from a variety of
2. Pictures and associations
Sometimes seeing groups of
related words can help
See our picture dictionary.
3. Understand Word Parts
(prefixes, suffixes, roots)
See our word parts lists here.
4. Recognize collocations
(words that go together)
Some words are commonly
used with other words
See our lists of collocations:
with verbs, with prepositions.
5. Consider connotations and
multiple meanings of words
Some words carry special or
emotional meanings
Example: house vs. home
Some words can have many
different meanings
Example: play, set, run
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